And yet another link. I saw this during the school year in english class during a lesson and thought the whole story was very thought provoking. Watching it again, however, I see that it ties in with the difficulty of the teenage years and how other people deal with the turmoil of adolescence.


An old song but all the same still an issue. Boys are supposed to be masculine and like trucks and action figures and over-all destruction. However, earlier in July I witnessed my 3 year old cousin ask for a doll for his birthday as well as all the gender appropriate things a 3 year old boy would want. It was surprising and yet made me very prideful that he was not afraid to ask for something so “girly”. Anyway I thought this was interesting all the same.

Quite a long thing to watch, I know. However, I like the underlying message Bo Burnham has to offer. Because to him comedy is a great way to send a message to everyone. Bo challenges the form of all the mass media/popular culture hype through odd and sometimes obscene jokes. His jabs at the problems with society and use of irony to prove his point help us understand just how ridiculous we all are in a way. What he really brings to the table is not just jokes and irony, but he also makes us think about just how screwed up things can get and how maybe we should just not do them anymore. His message isn’t clear all the time, but when you finish watching it, you do feel a sense of “oh wow”.

So enjoy and don’t be afraid to laugh, even at the dirty stuff.